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Pollution Abatement - Hermont Marine Inc. selected to represent RWO
RWO covers all water treatment applications to be found onboard ships and offshore platforms: seawater desalination, fresh water treatment, technical water, -boiler feed water and -river water treatment solutions, waste water treatment systems for black water, grey water and galley water.

With the addition of RWO, Hermont can now offer MEPC 107(49) compliant oily water separators. Capacity of the oily water separators ranges between 0,1 Ton per hour and 10 Ton per hour.

The RWO Skit-DEB oily water separators is a two stage solution. The Primary stage is the traditional coalescer separator. The secondary stage is an adsoption filter arrangement.

For owners of RWO Skit units, it is possible to retrofit the secondary stage to existing separators. Upgrading the existing separator will give owners a full MEPC 107(49) compliant system.

Contact us for your RWO enquiries.
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