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Pollution Abatement - Bilge Alarm
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DECKMA is a global leader in bilge effluent monitoring. DECKMA was one of the first manufacturers to receive IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) approval for their OMD-2005 Bilge Alarm. Today DECKMA supplies to Bilge Separator manufacturers the newer version OMD-24, and for retrofitting of existing installations the OMD-24 and 2008. All systems are MEPC.107(49) approved and they are Transport Canada certified for the 5ppm Canadian inland water requirements.
DECKMA Bilge Alarm benefits:

  • Industry leading technology

  • Proven technology

  • Reliable operation

  • Global service capabilities with strong local presence

  • Local spare parts and replacement stock

OMD- 2008 OMD- 2008
Calibration Requirements
All MEPC.107(49) compliant Bilge Alarm models consist of the electronics module and the measuring cell. By regulation, the accuracy of the Bilge Alarm must be checked at the IOPPC renewal by the manufacturer or person authorized by the manufacturer. Hermont has authorized personnel to do this work locally.

Service Efficiency
To expedite turn-around, we offer an exchange program, whereby we supply the ship with a calibrated replacement measuring cell in return for a unit requiring service. By exchanging the measuring cell the ship maintains the bilge record on board, as required by regulations, and down-time of bilge water treatment system is virtually eliminated.
OMD- 24

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