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Portable TOTE-IT skimmer
The ABANAKI TOTE-IT belt skimmer is, in our opinion, the most cost effective way for the immediate removal of free oil from the bilge.

The immediate benefits from the use of the ABANAKI belt skimmer are:

The oily bilge water problem is caused by the interaction of the free oil with the water in the bilge. High detergent lube oils create strong chemical emulsions impossible toseparate by gravity. The longer oil and water stay in contact, the more oil becomes emulsified and stays in suspension. In addition, ship movement creates turbulent flow in the bilge, thus creating mechanical emulsions, further complicating the separation of oil from water. Therefore, the quicker the oil is removed, the lower the emulsification of the bilge water will be.

Use of the ABANAKI skimmer aboard a ship alerts crews early of engine room problems, reduces the formation of chemical and mechanical emulsions, which results in easier to treat bilge water. Cost benefits arise from reduced work load,lower maintenance requirements of Bilge Separator and increased discharge efficiencies, which means less water has to be discharged to reception facilities.

Contact us, we will be happy to provide you more information on Abanaki Oil skimmers and their use in a bilge treatment process

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