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Pollution Abatement - Polishing Filter
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Post Filtration Media

The limitations in removing oil from water are dictated by physics. The smaller the suspended oil droplet, the longer oil takes to separate out. In addition, the smaller the oil droplet, the bigger its surface tension, thereby it becomes more difficult for oil drops to join, i.e. to coalesce. Therefore, the oily water separator when processing bilge water will reach a boundary condition beyond which coalescence is no longer possible. This limit depends on the viscosity and density of the oil, as well as agitation of the bilge.

Separation to the legal ppm limit is possible under favorable condition. On board ships, that is rarely the case.

The PFM filter uses absorption media to remove hydrocarbons from the effluent. The media absorbs emulsified and residual oils, which the separator is unable to remove.

The PFM-24 can retain up to 80 kg of oil, which allows to pump approximately 2000 tons of bilge water with 40ppm oil content after the separator!

We suggest to use the PFM absorption filter after the approved oily water separator, where under normal operating conditions 15-ppm canít be achieved. This is a reliable and cost effective way to discharge within the law and to avoid pollution fines.
Contact us to discuss post filtration and the options that would best suit your situation.

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