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Pollution Abatement - Ballast Water
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Press Release - Seaspan SAVER 10000
RWO's CleanBallast® system

Designed and approved for operation in Sea- and Freshwater, reliable and unrestricted operation with high sediment loads. CleanBallast received AMS designation from the USCG early 2013.

CleanBallast® employs a 2 step process:

STEP 1: High capacity DiskFilters for efficient removal of living organisms and sediments during ballasting. Efficient solids removal reduces sediment load in the ballast tank, and the efficient self-cleaning of the disc filter assures trouble free operation, without capacity reduction.
STEP 2: our EctoSys® disinfection unit produces highly efficient Hydroxyl radicals for the destruction of any remaining viable organisms in the ballast water.
CleanBallast® for new construction or retroffiting on existing ships
Download the bochure of the  RWO BWT system
Download CleanBallast Brochure
For compliance with the ballast water discharge requirements, the EctoSys® disinfection system is also used during de-ballasting, this eliminates any organisms that may have regenerated from residuals in the tank sediment during the voyage. The CleanBallast system ensures unrestricted flow rates under most severe conditions and assures maximum kill rate of foreign organisms during ballasting and de-ballasting.

Reliability and operational performance of the RWO's CleanBallast® technology was confirmed through exhaustive testing of the system in high suspended solids carrying waters of Northern Germany. Even under those low salinity conditions CleanBallast performed reliably and efficiently, with treated ballast water values well below that IMO limits. RWO tested CleanBallast under severe harbor water conditions, to ensure reliable and unrestricted operation of the system under adverse conditions, to enable ships to maintain their tight sailing schedules with fast turn-around times in port.

Best Practice

CleanBallast® can easily be integrated into existing on-board processes and systems. The modular design provides the flexibility required for retrofitting such a system. CleanBallast® is fully automated with optional local or remote operation.

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