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Pollution Abatement - Fast-Breaking Cleaner
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"Based on our 30+ years hands-on experience in bilge water separation, we strongly suggest that in a ship's engine room only 1 (ONE) fast-breaking heavy duty cleaning agent be used."
Restricting the use to a single, fast-breaking cleaner assures minimal emulsification of the bilge water. We recommend the use of the SW-1000, because it is a proven biodegradable, non-toxic heavy duty degreaser with emulsion breaking characteristics. SW-1000 can be used for all cleaning tasks, from heavy duty engine cleaning to, when diluted for light duty, even laundry service and hand-washing

SW-1000 is a heavy duty degreaser with many benefits:

Multi-purpose, biodegradable cleaner
  • Clear, non-toxic liquid

  • Heavy duty, fast breaking degreaser

  • Emulsion breaker

Bilge Filtering system Benefits
  • Enhances bilge water separation

  • Clear liquid does not discolor effluent (avoids false ppm reading in Bilge Alarm)

  • Breaks some chemical emulsions, enhancing oil separation

General benefits
  • Not a hazardous material

  • No health hazard

  • No special handling pre-cautions required

  • Multi-purpose cleaner (engine room, deck, galley, etc)

Using SW-1000 as the only cleaner in your engine room, in conjunction with good engine room practices, will enhance the efficacy of the Bilge Water treatment system and reduce your bilge water treatment/disposal costs.

Contact us, we will be happy to provide you more information on SW-1000 and its use in a bilge treatment process

Telephone: 514-856-1212
Fax: 514-956-1717

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