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Engine Related
 Viscosity Control
The fully electronic ViscoSense from VAF Instruments is a cost effective replacement...
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 Engine Analyzer
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There has never been a better time to start diesel engine performance monitoring. The Doctor systems provide extensive information on the performance of engines quickly, simply and accurately. Older engines can benefit just as much as new ones and the systems can provide a rapid payback of the investment cost.

Real Savings

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The Doctor can pinpoint problems that are starting to develop. Maintenance can be targeted at the areas requiring attention and disturbance of engine components that are performing well can be minimized.

Improved Performance

Accurate pressure readings and cylinder power calculations allow optimum balancing of the engine. The performance of injectors and combustion can clearly be seen on the high resolution graphs.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Engine balancing and tuning can be achieved and, through regular monitoring, maintained. This results in more efficient running of the engine and consequent fuel saving. The unique Cycle Sequence Display function lets you see the consistency of individual firing strokes.

Reduced Emissions

Legislation is placing increasing demands on operators to reduce engine emissions. Combustion optimisation enables these to be reduced to a minimum.
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 Oil Mist Detector
Graviner pioneered Oil Mist Detectionover 50 years ago. The new Mark-6 brings oil mist detection into the 21st century...
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