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Authorized Bilge Alarm Calibrations for Deckma in Canada
Instructions to send DECKMA Bilge Alarms for calibration.
Keeping your bilge treatment system accurate
Since Canada introduced the 5ppm oil content for bilge water discharges into Canadian inland waters, Transport Canada Inspectors require annual confirmation of the good performance of the bilge alarm. To satisfy this requirement Hermont was the first Canadian supplier of bilge alarms to offer annual calibration of the Bilge Alarm we supply.
Exclusive Authorized Canadian Service and Cablibration Agent
MARPOL MEPC.107 (49):
4.2.11 The accuracy of the 15 ppm Bilge Alarms should be checked at IOPP Certificate renewal surveys according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively the unit may be replaced by a calibrated 15 ppm Bilge Alarm. The calibration certificate for the 15 ppm Bilge Alarm, certifying date of last calibration check, should be retained onboard for inspection purposes. The accuracy checks can only be done by the manufacturer or persons authorized by the manufacturer.
Hermont is the only authorized company with trained and qualified technicians to perform calibrations on Deckma bilge alarms in Canada. Hermont is also equipped with a manufacturer approved calibration test bench and calibration measuring cell provided by Deckma.

Hermont has full service capabilities for all DECKMA Bilge Alarms. For all DECKMA Bilge Alarms we carry the necessary spare parts to provide short turn-around times for defective meters. The MEPC.107 (49) Bilge Alarm can only be opened up by the manufacturer. To offer short turn-around times, Hermont keeps on hand exchange measuring cells for the MEPC.107(49) required reparation and calibration.
Bilge Alarm Service & Regulations

Contact us to calibrate or service your bilge alarm.

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